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The Institute

The « Institut Universitaire du Bénin » (IUB) is an association established by about fifteen members, who, most of them are aware of the educatif system. The association IUB is registred under n° 2001-455 MISD/DC/SG/DAI/SAAP-Assoc on september 26th, 2001.

IUB is a higher education private school located at Aïdjèdo, in the 6th arrondissement of Cotonou. It is opened since October 2002 with the autorization of the government of Republic of Benin by decree N° 2002-067/MESRS/CAB/DC/SG/DPP/SP.

Since 2006, the given teachings at IUB are supervised by the scientific and pedagogic board of the University of Bouaké (UB) in Ivory Coast. Based on this strict supervision, the University of Bouaké signs the degree issued by IUB and on that account give to them the CAMES label.

IUB has an International Center of English and French Language which welcome worldwide students for foreign language study, english for french speakers students and french for englih speaker students. IUB also has within itself a virtual library pened all the day til 10 p.m. Thus, students has internet all the day for their researches.